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43.2K. Votes. 1.2K. Parts. 43. Time. 12h 50m. Start reading. j_ones_quokka. Ongoing. Mature. A collection of Minsung One Shots. part 2 since my first one disappeared?? Fluff: 💝. Angst: ️‍🩹. Smut: 🫦. Spice: ️‍🔥. All Rights Reserved. bangchan. fanfic. hanjisung. hwanghyunjin. kimseungmin. leefelix. leeknow. leeyongbok. minsung. seochangbin. skz.Minhoee, hl__andcb97, Xeniaaa, Morningstar_9, GATOHAN25, Lia21, EleX0, Peppermint0514, winbtae, yukkio, ausrinepad, Wave_r, YaeLan21, Notmekaeya, and Min_Sung14 as well as 14 guests left kudos on this work! An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.

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Minsung oneshot Fanfiction. Jisung wanted rough sex out of Minho but was too scared to ask, so he pissed off Minho as much as he could. Italian translation: @_Mooniee__ Cross posted on AO3 under the account named "Liino" #i-#minsungCreator: artindistress Series Begun: 2019-08-11 Series Updated: 2019-09-18 Description: The ABCs of BakuDeku Smut. Different kinks from A to Z Some of them are fluffy, some of them are personal challenges. Hopefully, there's something for everyone.#minsung #minsungmoments #hanjisung #leeknow #bromance #straykids #kidol #love #minsungbabies #bl #minsungtension #minsungjealousy #shorts #minsung2023 #kpo...Without losing time, Minho pushed his underwear downwards, letting his big hard cock sprung free from its confinement. Jisung felt himself shiver just by looking at the sight of the elder’s long thick cock, dripping wet with precum. “Suck it, kitten.”. Minho ordered softly with lust glimmering in his eyes.minsung beat up homophobes; Han Jisung | Han-centric; Slow Burn; Instant Connection; these tags make it seem dark; Summary. If you were to ask around about the name Han Jisung, the answers you got would be diverse. "Stereotypical", "Bad boy", "Strong", "Intimidating." None of these answers were false, if you were to ask Jisung ...Looking for a minsung fic. Fic/Work Search. It was a college fic where minho needs jisung to hid his cat from the RA. They become friends and minho helps jisung with his ballet dance class. Don't remember it. Could have been called: all because of lee minho. 5. 1. Sort by: Add a Comment. AutoModerator. MOD • 1 mo. ago • Stickied comment.Read 10 - [ MinSung #2 ] from the story Ao3 Story Recs ♡ Bottom Lee Know And Lee Know Centric by rachwritess (Rach⁷¹³) with 610 reads. ao3, bottomleeknow, chan...Gracias por ver staycitos!Espero poder sacarles una sonrisa y hacerlos divertir o entretenercon este contenido. ˚Redes /🌠/ Instagram:xvk44 TikTok...Nayeon and Mina are desk mates for the first time since middle school. So, naturally, the universe makes them work on a week-long project about getting to know one another. Mina admits she's a bit curious Nayeon (and how she feels about her), so she's ready to get the project done and over with.Minsung is a handsome young man with black eyes and wavy black hair. Despite his wealth and fame, he tends to dress in very casual clothing, as displayed by how he wore a simple red dress shirt and gray pants during his show for the press. Personality. In the public eye, Minsung presents himself as kind, humble and selfless, garnering a large ...Ferret Hybrid Hyunjin and Chipmunk Hybrid Jisung are no exception to playful rivalry. Hyunjin and Jisung always argued about who was better at basically anything and would make bets with some twists here and there. They had seen who could eat the most dumplings, Hyunjin. Who could hold their breath the longest, Jisung.Opening his eyes was a near Herculean task; his eyelids weighed about 50 tons each, every muscle in his body weighed down like he had spent six hours at the gym. “Hi, baby.”. He was in the bath, propped up with Changbin’s arm around his shoulders. Hyunjin, crouching next to him, was wringing out a washcloth.In the lead-up to U.N. Climate Change Conference, the Swedish activist talked about Biden's climate plan, the media's responsibility and what gives her hope. Advertisement Greta Th...MINSUNG FICATHON: Round Four (2023) Due to the incredible support of the community, we've welcomed 5206 members and raised US$207,088.91 during this drive. Thank you so much! You can see how we use your donations in our newest budget update. (We also accept donations year-round, so you can donate whenever is convenient for you.)none of this is between minsung yet we're so sorry; pinkie promsie minsung is endgame; Summary. Now, mind you, Jisung's not saying he's in love with his best friend. He's also… not exactly denying the statement. *** There's nothing worse than being in love with your best friend. Or, that's what Jisung thought. It’s been years now, Minho’s learned to live with it. Having Jisung in his life, just being by his side is enough. He’s the only one in love but that’s okay, because love is never wasted on Jisung. Honestly, Minho was doing just fine. Then Lee Felix had to go and ruin everything with his stupid game. Han Jisung, he said his name was, a seventeen-year-old boy just a few weeks shy of his high school graduation — or at least, what would have been his high school graduation. Jisung bursted into the 7/11 holding what looked like the handlebars of a scooter, white-knuckled and with tears streaming down his puffy cheeks.He walked out of the crowded bar bumping into many people in the process, wincing in pain through it all. Chan would get home somehow, he was a smart guy and would text him if he needed help, Minho thought to himself. The air outside was warm but easier to breathe than the mugginess of the bar. He stared up at the sky.Dom Han Jisung | Han. Pet Names. kitten minho does weird things with a squirrel plushie and a pillow for his boyfriend sungie. "Kitty likes feeling small…". "But it's already small…?". "Tinier. It likes to be an itty-bitty kitten," Minho mumbled, straddling the pillow again. Part 1 of Itty-Bitty Kitten.Chapter 11: Chapter 10. Felix POV: I slowly opened my eyes, seeing that I wasn't in my dorm. I sat up from the bed, looking around the room. I looked beside the bed, seeing a still sleeping Hyunjin lying on the floor. After my eyes really adjusted to the light, I stood up and placed myself beside Hyunjin on the floor.Chapter 1: guns out. The Alabaster Ringmaster is a gaudy casino nestled between the desert sierras of Earth 446. One can imagine, emerging from the blistering necropolis of fallen civilizations, Blackjack and a Vodka Martini hit all the right spots. Lee Minho watches the neon lights dawn below his feet as his ship nears landfall.

There is a pull between them but many supernatural factors get in the way. They are both lost and confused, but with each other, they feel found. Minho lost his memory after becoming a hybrid and Jisung is an average human in his sophomore of college with his best friend Felix.Minsung is life life is minsung; Summary "How serious are you about this?" Minho asks, fear and anxiety traced on his voice as his eyes scan Jisung's face for an answer. Jisung's breath hitches in his throat as he catches on to what the elder is trying to say, and swallows so loud Minho can hear it.Some fun, sad, cute, sappy, steamy, comedic recs from ao3 :DAn Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Main Content; Archive of Our Own beta. Log In. User name or email: Password: ... Minsung, BEST fics ive read, 리아 's library, Minsung creme de la creme Stats: Published: 2019-05-26 Completed: 2019-05-26 Words: 36,919 Chapters: 2/2 Comments: 432 Kudos:Chapter 1. Whenever Professor Lee pushes the sleeves of his white dress shirt up to his elbows, Jisung thinks he might pass out. He always has a hard time focusing in this class, because his professor is unreasonably, unbearably, unbelievably attractive, so Jisung keeps losing himself in hazy, inappropriate fantasies with plotlines lifted ...

See also for good minsung content: vminsungies , qonvo , glissandos , bitsori , GaolPlatonach , bluecalicocat. liknow, marexx, dawnshine, bitsori and keros. it’s been a bit though, not sure how good my memory hold up. Currently reading dance for him by cindi_e614 on wattpad. It has soft fluff and smut.Yellow, Minho thinks, unable to stop himself from smiling as Jisung stands across the street, washed in the yellow of the changing traffic lights. You've become my yellow. Part 1 of name, age, where do you live (i'm sorry if i come across a bit forward) Language: English. Words: 5,217. Chapters: 1/1.Read 12 - [ MinSung #4 ] from the story Ao3 Story Recs ♡ Bottom Lee Know And Lee Know Centric by rachwritess (Rach⁷¹³) with 404 reads. minchan, leeknowcentric...…

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. Notes: this work is a submission for the minsung ficathon. Possible cause: The CAIA designation is granted to financial professionals with expertise o.

Minsung is life life is minsung; Summary "How serious are you about this?" Minho asks, fear and anxiety traced on his voice as his eyes scan Jisung's face for an answer. Jisung's breath hitches in his throat as he catches on to what the elder is trying to say, and swallows so loud Minho can hear it.minsung - Freeform; Minor Minsung; But it's there; Obviously there; Not the main focus tho; Summary. Seo Changbin is a mystery. No one really knows who he is other than what he looks like. No one is brave enough to get to know him. His dark demeanor and scary looks added with the rumors that may or may not be true has people avoiding him at all ...

Minsung moments. Heyyyyy. I am doing a tik tok and wanted to know What your favorite minsung moments are and if you could link me to some clips with them:)) r/minsung: This community is dedicated for SKZ minho and jisung <3 you can post ideas, fan arts, fics, and anything you want!!5K 192 27. A story about a young boy named Bangchan who is an orphan living in an orphange. Later, Hyunjin and Seungmin become his brothers (non-blood related) who also living in t... bottomsoobin. boyxboy. bottomleeknow. +15 more. Read the most popular bottomleeknow stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform.

The two were relaxing in Minho's room, both laying side by side The scent of warm vanilla that encapsulated his senses and the feeling of home. Jisung closes his eyes and tries to will the memory away before the darkness sets in. Before the tears that he can still feel falling down his cheeks begin. Before the sight of packed bags and the sound of small sniffles.Read 11 - [ MinSung #3 ] from the story Ao3 Story Recs ♡ Bottom Lee Know And Lee Know Centric by rachwritess (Rach⁷¹³) with 529 reads. bangchristopherchan, ban... An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for TransOther Additional Tags to Be Added. Squirrel hybrid Jisung has wa Instagram announced today that it’s introducing a new “Add Yours” sticker that creates public threads in Stories. The new feature essentially allows users to respond to other users...Get ratings and reviews for the top 10 gutter guard companies in Saratoga, CA. Helping you find the best gutter guard companies for the job. Expert Advice On Improving Your Home Al... Hearing that, Jisung came. His hole tighteni Mergers. Toxic Relationship has been made a synonym of Unhealthy Relationships. Works and bookmarks tagged with Toxic Relationship will show up in Unhealthy Relationships's filter. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.Han Jisung | Han is Whipped. Han Jisung | Han is a Brat. Minho removed his hands and interlaced his fingers with his, placing his hands by Jisung's side. Minho speeds up his kisses fervently. Both of them are desperate, they've waited too long for this. Teetering at the edge with want from the moment they met. Flowers bloom in spring. Spring is the season for These are some of Cathie Wood's favorite st1. Stray Kids’ Han and Lee Know (MinSung): They’re t minsung oneshots. 49 parts Ongoing. 49 parts. Ongoing. exactly what the title says. fluff, angst, maybe a little spice. request are open if you have any. 「GOT7 FluffShots」. 45 parts Complete. 45 parts. Chapter 1: My Oh My. "They say he likes a good time," Help me find the Minsung fic! I'm looking for a Minsung fic on AO3 where Jisung thinks Minho hates him and wants to posion him, or when they get together he's still suspicious that Minho bewitched him. He's kinda obsessed with him and all his friends tell him that Minho is a cool guy and he's wrong. Galaxy A03 Core (2GB Memory) Samsung Galaxy A03 core (Awesome-Mint)[First published May 09, 2021. Mature. In which a poor Han Jisung | Han is Whipped. Han Jisung | Han is a Panicked Katsuki Yuuri, once the youngest champion in a national archery competition and a highly promising talent, saw his dreams shattered by a tragic accident that rendered him unable to handle a bow ever again. Now, as a fallen prodigy, he faced the additional setback of being fired from the company he had joined.An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Absence Makes The Heartbreak Harder - Chapter 1 - booberstank - Stray Kids (Band) [Archive of Our Own] Main Content